MTX 1054 Oscilloscope (PC Driven)

PC driven oscilloscope, 4 channels, stack-able, 150MHz.

The MTX 1052 is controlled from a PC (remotely or locally).


The MTX 1054 when connected directly to a PC (desktop or laptop) is an exceedingly versatile oscilloscope. By using a computer as the instruments user interface, tasks such as printing, storing/retrieving information, sharing stored information become very simple. The instrument can also be operated remotely (as well as locally) through Ethernet (wired or WiFi); The person operating the instrument does not have to be in the same room (or country).

  • Recording capacity is almost limitless (only limited by the capability of the computer).
  • PC operating software is included.
  • Local or remote Ethernet operation.
  • Stack-able with direct PC connection (USB) or Ethernet.
  • 4 channels (150MHz).
  • 300V CATII

The main difference between the MTX 1054 and the MTX 1052 is the number of channels (or inputs).

For a complete list of features please see the datasheet below or in the downloads tab.


The MTX 1054 comes in two variations:

2150.12, PC Scope Module Model MTX 1054B-PC (4-channel, 150MHz)
2150.13, PC Scope Module Model MTX 1054BW-PC (4-channel, WiFi, 150MHz)
(The number preceding the description is the AEMC cataloge number)




MTX1052-1054 Specification.pdf